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The John Hope Award

The John Hope Award, co-sponsored by the Brown Alumni Association and the Swearer Center for Public Service, is named for the 1894 African-American alumnus who dedicated his life to education and community service. With this award, the BAA honors a graduate whose commitment to public service exemplifies leadership, innovation, and a direct impact on the community. The honoree may be a professional whose career is dedicated to public service or a volunteer devoted to public service or social action.

Special note: From 2003 – 2005, due to the extraordinarily high quality of nomination of very young alumni for this award, the John Hope Award selection committee also recognized a number of these nominees with the Young Alumni Service Award. Their names are included in the list below with the designation “YASA”.

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Previous Award Recipients:

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  • Greg Asbed ’84 and Laura D. Germino ’84, co-founders of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers
  • John Bonifaz ’87, founder and director of National Voting Rights Institute
  • Sheryl Brissett-Chapman ’71, executive director of the National Center for Children and Families
  • Sonja Brookins Santileses ’89, urban school reformer
  • Thomas J. Brown ’50, advocate for Boston low-income housing development
  • Daniel P. Corley ’75, school reform advocate and founder of Community Preparatory School
  • Edward E. Cornwell III ’78, chief of trauma at the John Hopkins Hospital; president of both the Society of Black Academic Surgeons and the National Medical Association
  • Derek Ellerman ’02 and Katherine Chon ’02, founders of the Polaris Project
  • Earle W. Fisher ’42, P ’88, volunteer nurse caring for AIDS infants
  • Paul G. Heck ’89, founder and director of the Red Hot Organization
  • Jeffrey R. Keitelman ’82, founder of Greater D.C. Cares; continued public service
  • Donald W. King ’93, founder and artistic director of the Providence Black Repertory Company and consultant for the ArtsLit Project
  • Peter A. Kovacs ’78, P ’10, Stephanie L. Grace ’87 and Mary K.  Swerczek ’98, New Orleans Times-Picayune editor and staff writers performing multi-faceted coverage of Hurricane Katrina under extreme circumstances
  • George Lima ’48, GP ’92, one of World War II’s famous Tuskegee Airmen, a lifelong activist and public servant
  • Marcia Loebenstein McBeath ’45, P ’77, Peace Corps volunteer
  • Deacon Patrick J. Moynihan '87, president of the Haitian Project and head of Louverture Cleary School
  • Mary Louise Hinckley Record ’37, P ’65, lifelong hospital volunteer
  • David E. Saltzman ’84, founder and executive director of the Robin Hood Foundation
  • Jeffrey Swartz ’82, CEO of Timberland; advocate and financial supporter of City Year
  • Bryant Toth ’76 MD, P ’08, co-founder of the Indo China Surgical Exchange in Vietname
  • Patricia Walker Walsh ’65, P ’93, founder, Truancy Intervention Project and Kids In Need of Dreams
  • W. Terence Walsh ’65, P ’93, founder, Best Girls Club at Capitol Area Ministries
  • Khary Lazarre-White ’95 and Jason Warwin ’95 (YASA), co-founders of The Brotherhood/SisterSol