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Service to Brown: 2011 Honoree Highlights

Brown Bear Awards:

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Bernard E. BellBernard E. Bell ’42, P’71 ’72 ’78

For nearly seventy years, Bernie Bell has worked tirelessly to keep his classmates engaged. His dedication to Brown and to Brown alumni is evident: Bernie's many volunteer efforts include eleven years as president of the alumni class of 1942, nine years as treasurer, and two turns as chair of his class reunion gift committee.


Eileen M. Rudden Eileen M. Rudden ’72, P’03 ’07 ’11

Past president of the Brown Alumni Association and member of the Brown Corporation, Eileen Rudden has been an innovator and a trailblazer for Brown, particularly in the area of technology, where she charted the course for the Brown alumni website as chair of the BAA’s online services committee. Always ready to roll up her sleeves and get the work done, Eileen has also served in dozens of roles with her class, the Pembroke Center, and fundraising for Brown.


William H. Twaddell William H. Twaddell ’63

Bill Twaddell has served the University both at home and abroad with the wisdom of a diplomat, the energy of a prize fighter and the graciousness of a prince. Although his title in life is ambassador, Bill never shies away from the sometimes gritty work of making Brown a better place—most recently through his chairmanship of the Corporation’s efforts to enhance Brown’s relationship with the city of Providence and state of Rhode Island.

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H. Anthony Ittleson ’60 Award:

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Class of 1986Michael P. Esposito ’86, James T. Janover ’86, P’15, Irene W. Bruynes Ponce ’86 and Ralph F. Rosenberg ’86

Ralph, Irene, Jim, and Mike have emerged as leaders in a class that is widely recognized as one of Brown’s strongest. Last year, in honor of their 25th reunion, Ralph, Irene, Jim, and Mike led a cadre of philanthropic leaders who inspired their classmates to new heights of generosity for Brown. Their collective 25th reunion gift to the Brown Annual Fund represented not just a record for the 25th reunion, but an all-time record for the largest Annual Fund gift ever given to Brown by any class in the University’s history.

(Pictured, from left to right, Irene Bruynes Ponce, Ralph Rosenberg, Michael Esposito, James Janover)

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The Joseph M. Fernandez ’85 Award:

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Preston Tisdale Preston Tisdale ’73, P ’10, ’10 ’14 MD, ’12

Preston Tisdale was a student at Brown at a time of great political and social upheaval for the U.S. and for the University. Rather than letting the events of that turbulent period diminish his love for Brown, Preston has helped the University learn from the past and move forward. Over the decades, Preston has continued to serve the Brown community through his work with the Inman Page Black Alumni Council, his class, his local Brown Club, and numerous advisory committees.

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The Alumni Service Award:

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Luis Campillo Luis Campillo ’04

Even though Luis graduated just seven short years ago, he has already amassed an impressive record of service to Brown. A former member of the BAA Board of Governors, chair of the BAA’s Multicultural Alumni Committee, board member of the Brown Club of Washington, DC, BASC interviewer, and one of the founding student members of the Brown University Latino Alumni Council, Luis is part of an emerging group of young alumni who will lead Brown for many years to come.

R. Glenn Cashion R. Glenn Cashion ’63

As a leader of the always engaged Class of 1963, Glenn has consistently stepped up to the plate when it comes to helping Brown. A club leader covering most of New Jersey, a BASC volunteer, and a member of the Association of Class Leaders Board, Glenn’s volunteer service has been marked by graciousness and hard work.


James K. Gardner ’65, ’68 ScM

A dedicated class leader for almost 25 years and member of the Association of Class Leaders board of directors, Jim Gardner has served his class in a variety of roles ranging from secretary to vice president to president. His creative communications and outreach to the class have been critical in keeping classmates connected to each other and to Brown.

Donna C.E. Williamson Donna C.E. Williamson ’74

An alumni leader for Brown since the 1970s, Donna has worked on many of Brown’s alumni programs, often filling multiple leadership roles simultaneously. A former member of Brown’s Corporation and overseer of the Brown Medical School, Donna is currently a Women’s Leadership Council member, Women’s Launch Pad mentor, BRUnet volunteer, and a member of the Brown-Chicago Women’s Network.

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Brown Annual Fund GOLD Award:

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Evan A. LayneEvan A. Layne ’06

Evan worked tirelessly as co-chair of his 5th Reunion Gift Committee, leading the Class of 2006 to a record-breaking gift for the Brown Annual Fund. He became the committee’s top fundraiser, encouraging classmates to carry on the important tradition of giving back. Evan is now a member of the Brown Annual Fund Young Leadership Council Executive Board.

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Brown Annual Fund Co-Chairs’ Award:

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Class of 1951 Neil B. Donavan ’51, Robert A. Fearon ’51, P’75 ’77, Dorothy B. Sage ’51

Neil, Dottie, and Bob led the Class of 1951 to break three records this year. Their class set the record for most attendees at a 60th Reunion, largest 60th Reunion gift to the Annual Fund, and the all-time record for class participation: an incredible 95%! Their tireless efforts and creative thinking motivated their classmates to support today’s students and faculty.

(Pictured, from left to right, Neil Donavan, Dorothy Sage and Robert Fearon)

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The Nan Tracy ’46 Award:

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Joseph C. Petteruti, Jr. Joseph C. Petteruti, Jr. ’69, P’97

Even though the Class of 1969 left Brown during a time of upheaval, Joe Petteruti has been steadfast in his wise leadership of the class, serving as event coordinator, vice president for 25 years, and now as class president.

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The Class of the Year Award:

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Class of 1998 Class of 1998

The members of the Class of 1998 are the undisputed kings and queens of class events—exceeding all expectations by initiating the first annual 90s decade WRAParound event, promoting excellent reunion attendance, and simultaneously hosting potluck events in multiple geographic locations—all while maintaining a strong class treasury.

(Pictured, Lisa Eklund)

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Leadership Award:

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Brown Club of Washington, DC Brown Club of Washington, D.C.

Brown is blessed with many hard working, innovative Brown Clubs whose work is critical to reaching alumni no matter where they live. And there has been no better-managed Brown Club than the Brown Club of DC: their innovative programs and hard work on behalf of Brown has set an example for all to follow.

(Pictured, from left to right, Zack Langway ’09, Diana Jeffrey ’04, Jill Javier ’09)

Ivonne N. Rojas ’05

Ivonne stepped in on a week’s notice to run the Reunion Weekend Student Staff Program. She did a masterful job coming up to speed on the millions of details involved, balancing competing demands throughout the weekend, and doing it all with her characteristic style and grace.

Benjamin J. Salazar ’82

Even before many at Brown had Texas on their radar screens, Ben was operating in the Lone Star State as one of the most effective BASC volunteers anywhere in the world. Ben has also served Brown well through a variety of volunteer roles within the Dallas/Fort Worth Brown Club.

Tiffani M. Scott and Richard GrayTiffani M. Scott ’99 and Richard Gray ’85

Working with other volunteers, Tiffani and Richard brought over 300 alumni back to campus to attend Brown’s 2010 Black Alumni Reunion. Tiffani committed unprecedented time and effort to organize and execute the University’s largest affinity group reunion to date. Richard, in his position as Inman Page Black Alumni Council president, raised a portion of the funds needed for the reunion, while also securing funds to support an IPC scholarship.

(Pictured, from left to right, Richard Gray and Tiffani Scott)

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