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  Welcome to Brown TBGALA

A Note from TBGALA's President:

Hello there, and welcome to TBGALA!

My name is Ryan Grubbs '10, and I am the President of Brown TBGALA (Transgender, Bisexual, Gay & Lesbian Alumni). As you may already know, TBGALA is one of the many avenues that alumni/ae use to reconnect with the University and with each other. Championing diversity has always been a strong suit of Brown, and I feel so grateful to take on this leadership role for a group where Brunonians from all walks of life claim membership.

The purpose(s) of TBGALA are many, which is part of what makes this organization so unique. The group aims to provide LGBTQ alumni/ae with a professional and social network to support and enrich their life pursuits; to reconnect them with campus and the current undergraduate and graduate student population; to marshal alumni/ae experiences to serve the intellectual, cultural, and social well-being of students; to offer role models for the Brown community; and to inform the educational practices of the University. These may seem like lofty goals, but I am always amazed at the commitment and enthusiasm in which members and affiliates of TBGALA work to help us achieve them.

I hope that you will consider becoming affiliated with TBGALA, if you haven't already! This is a truly exciting time to be a part of the organization, as we work to increase and strengthen our offerings both regionally and nationally. If you would like to get involved, or simply just want to be put on our listserv, please do not hesitate to reach out via our email address below. Also, feel free to "like" us on Facebook and to see what other alumni/ae are up to via our TBGALA Facebook group as well. Links to both of these resources are below.

Ever True,

Ryan Grubbs
President, Brown TBGALA

Brown TBGALA explicity affirms thatwe are committed to serving members of all races and genders, and we encourage any interested alum to join us.

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