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  Welcome to Brown TBGALA


Brown University Transgender, Bisexual,
Gay & Lesbian Alumni Association



Brown TBGALA is seeking visionary, enthusiastic and dynamic leaders to fill openings for Executive Officer positions and local chapter representatives. These individuals will work closely with other board members and Brown University staff to help TBGALA realize its mission, meet its goals and deliver on its priorities.


Our organization sponsors varied opportunities to connect with other alumni and students, both on campus and off. Local chapter events include Pride events and “Home for the Holidays” student/alumni gatherings, lectures, cultural events, and networking opportunities. On-campus events include student/alumni community dialogues and the annual TBGALA Reception at Reunion/Commencement. 
Governors will be appointed in July.  The commitment is for a two-year term, beginning in September 2016. Governors participate in monthly Board meetings via conference call throughout the year. 


Please consider joining the leadership of this all-volunteer organization.



TBGALA Chapter Best Practices

Regional chapters of TBGALA come in many different sizes, and there is no one “right way” to lead and engage your membership. However, leadership does not have to be a Herculean task. This guide of chapter “best practices” is meant to help you in being an effective leader for your chapter.


Event Co-Sponsorship

There are many opportunities for TBGALA co-sponsorship on events, which often just entails adding TBGALA’s name to the event, publicity for the event to your members, and attending as a Brown TBGALA representative. These are easy and cost-effective opportunities to show TBGALA’s presence in your area.

Examples include:

  • Partnering with Ivy+ alumni groups

Many Ivy+ institutions have active alumni in various parts of the country. Princeton BTGALA has done a great job of linking these various groups together. You can reach out to Shawn Cowls ( to inquire about the groups in your area.

  • Partnering with the local Brown Club

The Brown Club in your area is a great opportunity to partner on Brown-specific events. You can also often work with the Club on producing events that can be of specific interest to the TBGALA community. In addition, there is the possibility of hosting wrap-around events (that occur either before or shortly after the big Club event). These are great opportunities to convene your members and capitalize on the momentum and publicity of the Brown Club event. More information on Brown Clubs can be found here:

  • Partnering with other Brown Affinity Groups

Brown’s other multi-cultural affinity groups (IPC, BULAC, A4, & NAB) have active regional chapters across the country, and are often willing to collaborate on events. More information on Affinity Groups can be found here:


Anchor Events

As a national organization, TBGALA has created “anchor” events that all chapters should participate in if possible as a way to unify the organization. These events happen throughout the year, and TBGALA national is sometimes able to provide chapters with some funding as “seed money” for these events.

  • Home for the Holidays

These events are targeted towards students home for winter break in your area. They are a great way for students and alumni to meet and network, and to get establish TBGALA as a resource. These events have taken place at the homes of alumni, 18+ bars, or restaurants. A small fee can be charged ($5-$10 for alumni, students should be free) to help offset costs that the TBGALA funding won’t cover.


A date between late December and mid-January should be decided by the previous October in order to publicize the events to students while they are on campus.

  • Pride Events

Pride Month (usually June) is a great opportunity to engage with your members, especially young alumni. Participating in your local pride march (TBGALA can provide up to $200 for march registration fees and supplies) is a fun event and a great visibility tool for your chapter. If the registration fee for marching is too expensive in your area, the $200 can be applied to a separate event around Pride, such as a social gathering before going to watch the march together, for example. TBGALA can FedEx banners to you for use in the march or at your event.

March plans should be finalized by the previous March or April in order to publicize


In addition to these events, there are also events back on Brown’s campus, such as TBGALA’s Annual Reception during Commencement Weekend to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class and welcoming them to the alumni community and Alumni Fall Weekend where we host informal discussions with students.  There are great ways to connect with other TBGALA members from different chapters to exchange ideas and other best practices not shared here.

You have both the support of Brown University and the TBGALA National Board ( to assist you with your work. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and most importantly, have fun building community and partnerships! You’ll be giving back to Brown in an important way, and establishing TBGALA as a resource for both alumni and current students.