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Welcome to the Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC)




To learn more about the Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC) and for the latest news on IPC events and activities, visit www.brownipc.org

BAR 2013


IPC Officers for the 2014-2016 Administration

President           -  Tiffani Scott '98
President-Elect   -  Sheryl Brissett-Chapman '71
Treasurer          -  A. Jonathan Speed '84

Secretary          -  Justin Coles '11

The Brown experience should be optimal for its Black community at all levels and in all aspects. IPC is dedicated to proactively making that experience prosperous, nurturing, enriching and healthy.

The Council is formed in honor of Inman Page and George Washington Milford, the first known Black undergraduates of Brown University in the class of 1877, Ethel T. Robinson, the first known Black undergraduate of Pembroke College in the Class of 1905, and all of the Black students who have followed in the path that they cleared. The Council was established on April 14, 2000 at a retreat held in Newport, Rhode Island, attended by Black alumni, other members of the Black community of Brown University, and the Brown University Alumni Relations Office.

Mission of The Council:
The mission of the Inman Page Black Alumni Council is to strengthen Brown University by directly addressing the needs and concerns of its Black alumni and establishing a productive interaction among Black alumni, students, faculty and staff. Members of IPC shall endeavor to channel their energies toward broadening opportunities for the Black community of Brown University and maximizing Black alumni participation in the life of the University. In addition, the members shall work with organizations that further the interest of Brown University, including but not limited to the Brown Alumni Association.

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