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Steve Daniels ’10, founder of the A Better World by Design conference, has written a book about innovation in Africa’s informal economies. (, 8/23/2010)

At 22, Alex Morse ’11 recently landed his first job out of college—mayor of Holyoke, MA. [video] (CBS News, 10/13/11)

Drug-resistant bacteria could be susceptible again to antibiotics, thanks to Babajide Okandeji ’11 PhD and a team of Brown scientists. (ScienceDaily, 11/28/11)

Microscholarships, the brainchild of Matt Severson ’11, are funding high school education in Tanzania and elsewhere. (, 3/29/12)


Marie Claire magazine chose the Polaris Project, founded by Derek Ellerman ’00 and Katherine Chon ’02 as their #4 Charity in the United States. The pair’s work had also been profiled in the Brown Alumni Magazine. (Marie Claire, April 2006; Brown Alumni Magazine, January 2006)

State Department Foreign Service officer David Gehrenbeck ’00 PhD*, who coordinates U.S. policy on the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan, expressed hopes that more young people would consider a career in foreign service. (Providence Journal, 5/1/08)

Carlos Lejnieks ’00 left Wall Street to mentor middle-schoolers. Now he heads New Jersey’s largest Big Brothers Big Sisters club. (, 12/25/11)

Lisa Cisneros ’01 practices law for a special kind of client in her hometown: LGBT farmworkers. (The Advocate, 4/22/08)

Alabama lawyer Joshua Segall ’01 ran for the U.S. House of Representatives. (Brown Daily Herald, 2/26/08)

Katherine Shaw ’01 was named to the Office of the White House Counsel. (, 1/29/09)

Marc Altman ’02, five other alumni, and a student took part in Ultimate Peace, teaching ultimate Frisbee to Israeli and Palestinian children. (, 4/17/09)

On NPR’s Fresh Air, Nathaniel Frank ’02 PhD argued that “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” is a disastrous policy that has weakened the military. (Audio: 31:55 min.) (NPR, 6/16/09)

Gustavo Licon ’02 and his brother are first generation Latinos from southwest LA who are building bright futures. (USC College Magazine, 5/14/09)

Committed to carrying the torch for spinal cord research begun by his father, Matthew Reeve ’02 is the public face of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. (, 9/7/08)

Christopher Bizzacco ’03 was chief of staff for Providence’s Mayor David Cicilline ’83. (Providence Journal, 5/30/06)

Michael Escuti ’03 PhD won the US government’s top award for early-career scientists and engineers. (, 9/28/11)

Janice Gallagher ’03 MAT spent the past year as a human-rights activist in Colombia. (Lowell Sun Online, 1/14/08)

Marine biologist Miriam Goldstein ’03 is studying the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. (, 10/26/09)

Joshua Brandt ’04* constructed a sustainable health clinic out of a shipping container for use in Haiti. (Providence Journal, 1/19/10)

After recovering from an often-fatal traumatic brain injury, Charlie Maddock ’04 started a nonprofit foundation that supports patients who have suffered brain trauma. (Brown Daily Herald, 9/27/07)

Cate Oswald ’04, Rick Perera ’87, and many Brown faculty and students posted first hand bulletins from the earthquake zone. (Today at Brown, 1/26/10)

Ben Carmichael ’05 won a Marshall Scholarship to study environmental change and management. (, 12/3/07)

Jesse Finkelstein ’05 collaborated on the design and manufacture of habits for a new Catholic order of nuns. (New York Times, 12/7/11)

Julie Flygare ’05, who has narcolepsy and cataplexy, ran the Boston Marathon to raise awareness and funds for a cure. (Brown Alumni Magazine, May/June 2010)

Erica Sagrans ’05 joined U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s online media team. (Providence Journal, 3/5/07)

Eli Braun ’06 worked to register 18-year-olds in juvenile correctional facilities across Ohio to vote in the November 4 election. (, 10/3/08)

MIT's Technology Review recognized Ben Rubin ’05 for developing the Zeo, the first consumer device that detects the user's phases of sleep.( MIT Technology Review, 8/23/2011[video])

Nicholas Hartigan ’06 co-founded No One Leaves, an organization that works to prevent post-foreclosure evictions. (The Harvard Crimson, 12/11/08)

Christie Hunter ’06 was Bermuda’s Rhodes Scholar and will head to Oxford University. (Brown Daily Herald, 9/24/07)

Daniel Orenstein ’06 PhD discussed what he calls a “failure” in the Israeli environmental movement in an op-ed published in Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper. (Ha’aretz, 3/25/07)

Dora Ruiz ’06, a former Brown Dining Services (BuDS) worker, has created a fund to help BuDS student employees to participate in unpaid summer internships. (Brown Daily Herald, 9/16/10)

Oriana Farley ’07 and David Madeira ’07 will hike the Continental Divide Trail to raise money for a non-profit headed by Dan Sosland ’80. (Portland Press Herald, 3/21/10)

Josh Lerner ’07 sollicited applicants to be a college advisers with the National College Advising Corps. (Brown Daily Herald, 3/7/08)

Ira Magaziner ’69, his son Jon Magaziner ’07, and Nathan Wyeth ’08 are committed to bringing the Clinton Climate Initiative to colleges and universities. (Brown Daily Herald, 11/28/07)

Kimberly Misher ’07 landed a highly competitive Junior Fellowship with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. (Brown Daily Herald, 3/31/08)

Tom Brokaw interviewed public school teacher Amy Piller ’07 alongside Bill Gates as part of NBC’s week-long “Education Nation” summit. (NBC Nightly News, 9/28/10 (video))

American Marshall Memorial Fellowship recipient Marcia Chatelain ’08 PhD partly attributes her selection to her continued involvement with Brown alumni. (Oklahoma Daily, 12/9/10) 

Blair Hickman ’08 and her sister raised awareness of non-medical support for families living with cancer. (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 5/6/09)

Christine Hunsinger ’08 MPA* is leading the new Moderate Party of Rhode Island. (Providence Journal, 9/22/09)

NBC’s Today Show profiled Andrés Idarraga ’08, who served prison time prior to attending Brown and entering Yale Law School this fall. (Video) (The Today Show, 9/12/08)

Politico reporter Simmi Aujla ’09 broke the news that anchor Keith Olbermann’s campaign contributions violated MSNBC’s employee policy. (Brown Daily Herald, 11/7/10)

From Rhodes Scholar to Rangel challenger: Rakim Brooks ’09 is managing a campaign to unseat Charles Rangel. (New York Daily, 4/4/12)

Emma Clippinger ’09 received an Echoing Green Fellowship to support Gardens for Health International. (Video: 1:57 min.) (Echoing Green, 5/2/09)

Leopold Grinberg ’09 PhD and Brown faculty members won a national award for their computer visualization exploring microscopic interactions between healthy blood cells and sickly ones. (Wired Science, 8/08/2011[video])

Organic farming comes to India, and Ashmeet Kapoor ’09 AM helps poor farmers lead the way. (, 3/15/2012)

President Obama singled out Jazmin Perez ’09 as a role model in his Sept. 8 address to school children. (, 9/8/09)

The first-of-its-kind Pyongyang Project, founded by Matthew Reichel ’09 and Nick Young ’09, takes students inside North Korea. (BBC News, 1/3/11) 

Julie Sygiel ’09 and Adam Leonard ’10 each received grants for projects that support Providence’s “knowledge economy". (Providence Business News, 5/25/2011)

Adam Swartzbaugh ’09, ’09 AM, who founded a non-profit agency to help prevent child slavery, will soon join the Army Rangers School. (, 11/08/09)

Scott Warren ’09, executive director of Generation Citizen, was the Huffington Post's "Greatest Person of the Day" for July 25. (Huffington Post, 7/25/2011)

Bethany Ehlmann ’10 PhD reports that early in Mars’s history, water was mostly underground, not on the surface. (MSNBC, 11/2/11)

Angela Mazaris ’10 has been selected by Wake Forest to establish a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Center at the Reynolda Campus. (Wake Forest University, 10/7/11)

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Gregory P. Baldwin ’90, a lifelong volunteer and the new president of, was on the original team that launched the organization. (Market Wire, 9/25/06)

Military surgeon Chris Coppola ’90 spoke on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday about treating children in Iraq. (Audio: 5 min.) (, 11/22/09)

Known as the “philosopher politician of Virginia,” Michael Gillette ’90 PhD helped city governments decide where to make painful budget cuts. (, 2/14/09)

Brian Knep ’90, ’92 ScM was Harvard Medical School’s first artist-in-residence. (Boston Globe, 4/7/06)

NPR’s All Things Considered followed Congressman Dan Maffei ’90 home on recess as he talked to his constituents, and Syracuse’s WRVO interviewed him about current issues. Maffei headed to Washington to represent his Syracuse-based district, after successfully running for U.S. Congress. (, 9/1/09;, 8/14/09 (Audio: 4 min., 16 min.) ;, 11/5/08;, 2/24/08)

Illinois Professor of the Year Steven A. Meyers ’90 made his students spend hours volunteering in order to gain a personal connection to the issues they’re studying. (Chicago Tribune, 11/15/07)

Journalist David Rohde ’90 received a George Polk Award for “Held by the Taliban.” Rohde also spoke to a packed audience at Brown about his captivity and escape from Taliban kidnappers. Rohde also talked to NBC and wrote about his 7 months as a Taliban captive. (Video: 29 min.) Rohde, a New York Times reporter who was kidnapped by the Taliban, escaped and made his way to freedom after more than seven months of captivity. (New York Times, 2/15/10; Brown Alumni Magazine, Nov/Dec 2009;, 10/26/09; New York Times, 10/17/09; New York Times, 6/20/09)

As the director of education outreach, Tehani Collazo ’91 supports Brown’s efforts to help Providence public schools. (Brown Daily Herald, 10/25/07)

Associate Professor of Geological Science Gregory Hirth ’91 PhD has traveled around the globe, and now his research has led him back to College Hill. (Brown Daily Herald, 9/27/07)

Rory Kennedy ’91 discussed the Kennedy legacy of civic duty in Glamour magazine. (Glamour, May, 2008)

Dan Newman ’91 runs an award-winning nonprofit website,, that traces the links between money and politics. (The Nation, 6/11/07)

The Guggenheim Foundation awarded a fellowship to Mary Louise Roberts ’91 PhD.

HELP founder Conor Bohan ’92 is sending Haitians to college and working to rebuild Haiti’s education system. (Brown Daily Herald, 2/19/10)

Google executive Matt Dunne '92 is in the Vermont governor's race. (, 1/1/10)

Bobby Jindal ’92, Louisiana’s 55th governor, talked about rumors of becoming a possible Republican VP running mate on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CBS’s Face the Nation. The first non-white governor in the state since the Reconstruction, Jindal was elected with 54 percent of the vote in an open primary. A former Rhodes Scholar, consultant, and congressman, Jindal is the first American of Indian descent elected to a gubernatorial position. His efforts to preserve tax cuts and increase the availability and affordability of health care have been gaining strength in post-Katrina Louisiana. Jindal has been in the spotlight for his leadership following the Gulf oil spill. (, 5/15/08; Shreveport Times, 4/29/08; Times of India, 1/15/08; Bloomberg, 10/22/07; Times Picayune, 11/8/06; Brown Daily Herald, 10/19/06; The Washington Post , 5/18/10)

Mee Moua ’92 went from a Thai refugee camp to the Minnesota state legislature. She was just named one of the "Women of Color to Watch." (, 3/8/13)

Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association President Joanne Quinones ’92 was sworn in as a New York City criminal court judge. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 2/23/11)

Leon Richter ’92 has been leading a campaign in Puerto Rico to save the elkhorn coral beds off a quaint fishing village. (OnEarth, Summer 2006)

Malika Saada Saar '92 is working to reform welfare and criminal justice policies affecting women and children. (Washington Post , 12/24/09)

Serena Simmons Connelly ’92 co-founded the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas to help immigrants and refugees. (Dallas Morning News, 5/14/06)

Founder of Grist magazine Chip Giller ’93* received a Heinz Award for attracting new audiences to environmental issues. (Providence Journal, 9/16/09)

Ayad Akhtar ’93 wins a Pulitzer Prize for his first play. (The Guardian, 4/16/13)

Hyun-Sang Cho ’94 is the first Korean named to the G20 Initiative, a group of young global leaders, by the World Economic Forum. (The Korea Times, 12/1/10) 

MayKao Hang ’94 is the first female or minority president of the Wilder Foundation, a human services agency in St. Paul. (, 4/22/2010)

Suzanne McKechnie Klahr ’94 was honored with a CBS Jefferson Award for her work with public high school students in low-income communities. (San Francisco Chronicle, 3/4/07)

New York City Department of Education chief academic officer Shael Polakow-Suransky ’94 and neurologist Teena Shetty ’95, ’00 MD are on the 2011 Crain’s New York “40 under Forty” list. Polakow-Suransky was appointed senior deputy chancellor and chief academic officer of the NYC Department of Education.  (Crain's, March 2011, New York Times, 11/26/10)

Jennifer Richeson '94 discusses her rise from lackluster student to "genius grant" winner. (Chicago Tribune, 7/6/09)

Scott A. Robinson ’94 has been named director of the American Institute in Taiwan’s American Cultural Center. (The China Post, 8/7/08)

William Seeley ’94, a neurologist who studies frontotemporal dementia is one of 22 recipients of a 2011 MacArthur "genius grant." (Brown Alumni Magazine, 9/20/2011)

Adam Berman ’95 has establish Urban Adamah, a residential fellowship program for young adults that merges food justice, environmental activism and Jewish values. (East Bay Express, 6/29/2011)

Adjunct Professor Kipp Bradford ’95 is contributing to Rhode Island’s knowledge-based economy. (Video: 24 min.) (Brown Engineering News, 9/28/09)

Claire Fiddian-Green ’95 is executive director of Indiana’s new statewide charter school board. (, 5/17/2011)

The Guggenheim Foundation has awarded a fellowship to Sarah Oppenheimer ’95.

Director of the Institute for Human Centered Design Josh Safdie ’95 describes the Ideas Competition, a project aimed at designing a neighborhood based on the principles of universal design and sustainability. (, 2/4/11)

Adam Werbach ’95 is trying to turn Wal-Mart green, one associate at a time. Werbach was also profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle for his efforts. (Fast, 9/01/07; San Francisco Chronicle, 1/6/08)

Political fundraiser Rufus Gifford ’96 was named in Out magazine’s annual list of the most influential gays and lesbians in America. LA Weekly also profiled Gifford and his partner - influential political power brokers who are helping to promote gay and lesbian issues. (Out Magazine, April 2008; LA Weekly, 1/30/08)

Between house calls, veterinarian Jennifer Muller ’96 has been writing legislation and receiving awards. (Philadelphia Enquirer, 3/9/10)

Dufirstson Neree ’96 may be first Haitian American running for Congress. (Miami New Times, 12/15/05)

MIT’s Technology Review named Tapan Parikh ’96 Young Innovator Under 35 “Humanitarian of the Year” for his work adapting technologies to address developing world problems. (Technology Review, Dec 2007)

The New York Times described San Francisco City Controller Benjamin Rosenfield ’96 as “the Clark Kent of City Hall.” (New York Times, 3/26/11)

Forbes blogs on Venture for America, the organization Andrew Yang ’96 founded to bring young entrepreneurs to struggling cities. Venture for America, founded by Yang , offers recent college graduates the opportunity to work at a start-up in an underserved part of the country. (Forbes, 1/26/2012);, 6/30/2011)

Karen Dunn ’97 was named to the Office of the White House Counsel. (, 1/29/09)

The charter school Sarah Friedman ’97 co-founded is conducting “one of the most promising reading experiments in the country.” (The New York Times, 1/2/2012)

Political scientist Tarek Masoud ’97 and historian John Ghazvinian ’96 have been named 2009 Carnegie Scholars. (, 4/17/09)

Karen Pittelman ’97 is taking a new approach to philanthropy. (U.S. News and World Report, 2/18/07)

Christopher Thanos ’97, ’02 PhD*, co-founder with Moses Goddard ’79 MD of a bio-tech start-up working on wound therapies, was named one of “11 People to Watch in 2011” by the Providence Journal. (, 1/2/11)

NPR correspondent Ivan Watson ’97 and his Iraqi staff narrowly escaped a car bombing in Baghdad. (Star Tibune, 11/30/08)

Charter schools working with public schools? Yes! Chelsea Clinton interviews Christine Alves ’98, ’01 MAT and other Learning Community teachers for NBC News. (The Learning Community,(video))

Tyler Denmead ’98*, founder and director of New Urban Arts, an after-school arts studio for high school students, left to study at the University of Cambridge. (Providence Journal, 3/7/07)

Nina Dudnik ’98 started Seeding Labs, which provides reclaimed laboratory equipment to researchers in developing countries. (, 11/23/09)

Sonia Grace ’98 will help lead Central Falls, RI down the road to recovery as its mayor’s new chief of staff. (Pawtucket Times, 3/14/13)

Maura Pally ’98 was named the new executive director of Hillary’s wing of the Clinton Foundation. (Politico, 5/30/13)

Meena Seshamani ’98, in the Office of Health Reform, may play a critical role in figuring out how to finance the President’s health care plan. (, 9/4/09)

The Associated Press produced a tribute to Michael Bhatia ’99 (Part I, II). A former Watson Institute visiting fellow, Bhatia* was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. (, 3/8/09; Providence Journal, 5/10/08)

Barrett Bready ’99, ’03 MD, CEO of NABsys, Inc., was named Rhode Island's Innovator of the Year for developing a completely new way of looking at DNA. (Providence Business News, 9/9/2011)

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On Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, Jody Adams ’80 is competing for Partners in Health, a charity co-founded by Jim Yong Kim ’82. (, 4/26/10)

Richard Ellenbogen ’80, ’83 MD* is helping the NFL treat concussions as co-chair of its head, neck and spine medical committee. (, 5/25/2011)

Ellen Melnick Brown ’80, ’83 MD was recently named Home Care Physician of the Year by the California Association for Health Services at Home. (Palo Alto Online, 6/22/2011)

Sculptor and former RISD provost Jay Coogan ’80 has been named president of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. (Star Tribune, 3/31/09)

Senators Reed and Whitehouse have recommended Jack McConnell Jr. ’80 to the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island. (The Providence Journal, 4/14/09)

Martin McKeon ’80 MAT was chosen as Maine’s Teacher of the Year. (, 9/17/07)

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards ’80 made Time magazine’s 2011 list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Richards took the stage at the Democratic convention, twenty years after her late mother did the same. Richards is the new president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Richards was also profiled at length in the July 2006 issue of Vogue magazine. (Time Magazine, 4/21/2011; Austin American-Statesman, 8/27/08; Washington Post, 3/25/06)

Eli Avila ’81, ’86 MD has been named Pennsylvania’s new secretary of health. (, 1/4/11)

Kerry Kennedy Cuomo ’81 discussed the Kennedy legacy of civic duty in Glamour magazine. (Glamour, May, 2008)

Richard Hardy ’81 AM was named the new head of school at Concord Academy. (Wicked Local, 10/27/08)

Bruce Katz ’81 received the Heinz Award in Public Policy for his work toward reshaping and revitalizing cities and suburbs. (

Sr. Joan Lescinski ’81 was named next president of St. Ambrose University. (Quad City Times, 12/21/06)

One of 242 candidates, Patricia M. Logue ’81 was named a new associate judge of the Cook County (Illinois) Circuit Court. (Chicago Free Press, 3/14/07)

Urban sociologist Pedro Noguera ’81, ’84 AM delivered the Allison Davis lecture at Williams College. His topic was “Changing Racial Inequality in Our Schools.” (, 2/7/07)

Nancy Northup ’81, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, was interviewed on NPR about the Supreme Court decision on abortion. (Morning Edition, 4/25/07)

Chief Justice Roberts’ wife is none other than Jane Sullivan Roberts ’81 ScM, who once graced the halls of the applied math department… (, 3/28/12)

Richard Wiese ’81 will host Born to Explore, a science education adventure show, starting in September on ABC. (The Daily Weston, 5/29/2011)

The 2011 list of America’s 50 most influential rabbis includes Sharon Cohen Anisfeld ’82 and Laura Geller ’71. (The Daily Beast, April 2011)

Elia Ben-Ari ’82 writes about the unique challenges faced by adolescents and young adults with cancer. Her article also includes helpful resources and advice for young people and their families. (NCI Cancer Bulletin, 8/23/2011)

Thirty years after they shared a dorm, Martha Hansen ’82 gave a kidney to save the life of Keeney hallmate and longtime friend Robin Graves ’82. (Brown Daily Herald, 10/21/08)

Jim Yong Kim ’82, president of Dartmouth, is Obama's surprise choice to head the World Bank. Bill Moyers interviewed new Dartmouth College president Kim about healthcare and his new job. Kim and Marilynne Robinson ’66 have been elected fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In a campus lecture, Kim discussed global health and his Brown education. (Video: 24 min.) Kim will become the 17th president of Dartmouth College. Kim was one of TIME Magazine’s 100 “people who shape our world.”Kim sat down with Forbes to discuss Dartmouth’s new Center for Health Care Delivery Science and what it may mean for the nation’s health care spending. (Washington Post, 3/23/2012; Forbes, 11/16/11; Brown Alumni Magazine, 5/11/10;, 9/11/09; Biomed in the News, 5/6/09; Brown Daily Herald, 4/15/09;, 3/2/09; TIME Magazine, 5/8/06; Brown Alumni Magazine, Nov/Dec 2006)

Jay Loeffler ’82 MD was elected to the National Academy of Sciences’ prestigious Institute of Medicine. (Focus, 10/18/11)

Alumni Interviewing Program interviewer David Marcus ’ 82 wrote about why rejection from a first-choice university can help prepare a student for the realities of life. (Forbes, 3/26/09)

In a stunning upset, Jack Markell ’82* won the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Delaware. On November 5, he won the election for Delaware governor by a more than 2-to-1 margin. (, 11/5/08;, 9/10/08)

Michal Mivasair ’82 was appointed to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 12/8/06)

The American Cancer Society honored filmmaker and journalist Perri Peltz ’82 with its Humanitarian Award. (New York Social Diary, 5/25/2011)

Jeffrey B. Swartz ’82, CEO of the Timberland Company, was honored with the Citizen Service Award by Voices for National Service. (Voices for Service, 2/13/07)

David Cicilline ’83 has become the fourth openly gay member of Congress. Providence Mayor Cicilline will be RI’s first openly gay congressman. (Boston Globe, 1/5/11; The Washington Post, 11/3/10)

Former NATO ambassador Victoria Nuland ’83 is now the U.S. State Department’s top spokesperson. As special envoy for conventional armed forces in Europe, Nuland will tackle security challenges and arms control. (Foreign Policy, 5/16/2011;, 2/3/10)

As special envoy for conventional armed forces in europe, Victoria Nuland ’83 will tackle security challenges and arms control. (, 2/3/10)

Thomas Perez ’83 was nominated to lead the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department. Head of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation Perez also served on President Obama’s transition team. A first-generation Dominican-American, he was also named Maryland state Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. Perez also announced his candidacy for attorney general in 2006. He is rebuilding the Civil Rights Division, which lost 70 percent of its attorneys between 2003 and 2007. (, 4/5/09; The Baltimore Sun, 12/8/08; The Baltimore Sun, 1/23/07; The Baltimore Sun, 5/24/06; The Washington Post, 6/4/10)

Ares Rosakis ’83 PhD, chair of engineering and applied science at Caltech, won the 2011 A. Cermal Eringen Medal of the Society of Engineering Science (SES). (, 2011)

Political fundraiser Rufus Gifford ’96 and filmmaker Christine Vachon ’83 were named in Out magazine’s annual list of the most influential gays and lesbians in America. (Out Magazine)

U.S. News and World Report named Maria Zuber ’83, ’86 PhD, who has led major NASA space missions, one of “America’s Best Leaders.” (U.S. News and World Report, 11/19/08)

Blazing the way for all the Sarah Palins was the first female VP candidate — remembered by her daughter, Donna Zaccaro ’83, in a new documentary. (Indie Wire, 10/11/13)

Forbes featured Mark Bear ’84 PhD, whose brain cell research may be used to treat autism.  Meet Professor Bear*, director of the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT. (Forbes, 11/18/10; Boston Globe, 2/12/07)

Glenn Cummings ’84 MAT is the deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education. (, 4/7/09)

Randall Kroszner ’84 was one of the Federal Reserve policymakers who votes on the direction of interest rates in the United States. (USA Today, 3/5/07)

Jayne Park ’84, founder and executive director of the Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center, was awarded the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation Exponent Award. (Philanthropy News Digest , 10/10/06)

David Saltzman ’84 was executive director of Robin Hood, one of the most pioneering and influential philanthropic organizations in the country. (Fortune, 9/18/06)

Seth Diamond ’85 was named commissioner of New York City’s Department of Homeless Services. (, 4/26/10)

Norman Eisen ’85, President Obama’s special counsel for ethics and government reform, awaits confirmation as U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic. Eisen was named to the Office of the White House Counsel. (NPR, 8/12/10, Audio;, 1/29/09)

President Obama was one of many to pay tribute to BAA President Joe Fernandez ’85 who passed away suddenly on Dec. 18. (Boston Globe, 12/20/10) 

Nathan Hochman ’85, one of the country’s leading tax litigators, is the assistant attorney general for the tax division of the U.S. Department of Justice. (Reuters, 1/7/08)

Steven Lawrence ’85 is the superintendent of the Washington Unified School District in West Sacramento, CA. (Sacramento Bee, 5/26/06)

Lynn Pasquerella ’85 PhD is the 18th president of Mount Holyoke College. Pasquerella was the provost of the University of Hartford. (, 11/3/09; Harford Informer, 3/13/08)

Steve Ritter ’85 used computers and cognitive science to help middle school students learn math. (Brown Daily Herald, 9/24/07)

Notre Dame law professor Vincent Rougeau ’85 will be the first African American dean of Boston College Law School. (Boston Globe, 4/1/11)

Real estate broker Suzanne Sunshine ’85 donates up to 50% of each commission back to the non-profits or charities that she takes as clients. (Wall Street Journal, 8/3/10)

Victor Bernson ’86 was the second Hispanic member, and the only member with children in private rather than public school, on the Anne Arundel County (MD) Board of Education. (Baltimore Sun, 8/11/06)

Orthopedic surgeon Daveed Frazier ’86 discusses his career and his hopes for the healthcare system. (The Network Journal, February 2010)

Lynn Nottage ’86 and Malika Saada Saar ’92 are two of Newsweek’s “150 Women Who Shake the World.” (The Daily Beast, 3/8/11)

Wendell Pritchett ’86 was named chancellor of Rutgers University-Camden. (Courier-Post, 4/3/09)

Anne Fisher Vollen ’86 published a guide for “green” living in San Francisco. (Bay Area Business Woman, 12/1/06)

Marie Myung-Ok Lee ’86 wrote a New York Times op-ed about the impact of great teachers. (New York Times, 3/30/11)

Founder of Survivor Corps Jerry White ’86, who stepped on a land mine while studying in Israel, says the country is closer to banning the devices. (, 5/12/2010)

Lisa Flaxman ’87, who passed away on January 14, was a determined advocate for women, children, music, and cancer patients. (Washington Post, 1/22/09)

Corali Lopez-Castro ’87, only the second woman president of the Cuban American Bar Association, received the Florida Bar President’s Award of Merit. (, 8/4/07)

Jeffrey Conlon ’87 was named president of Kaplan Higher Education. (Business WIre, 2/4/09)

Brown history professor Karl Jacoby ’87 was honored with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Book Award for Shadows at Dawn. (Arizona Daily Star, 5/16/09)

Evelyn Cosme Jones ’87 was named co-principal of RI’s Central Falls High School, which recently made national headlines for firing its entire staff. (, 6/2/10)

Former businessman and current missionary Patrick Moynihan ’87, who established a school in Haiti 13 years ago, works on starting over. (Der Spiegel, 1/26/10)

Hannelore Rodriguez-Farrar ’87, ’09 PhD, a past president of the Brown Alumni Association, was named assistant to President Ruth J. Simmons. (Brown University Press Release, 6/18/09)

The Guggenheim Foundation awarded a fellowship to Associate Professor of Anthropology Philip Scher ’87.

Baishali Rinku Sen ’87 headed the Applied Research Centre, a public policy institute advancing racial justice in the U.S. (Hindustan Times, 8/17/06)

Jill Zuckman ’87, a Chicago Tribune correspondent and frequent guest on political talk shows, will join President Obama’s Department of Transportation. (Chicago Tribune, 2/16/09)

Amy F. Dunathan ’88 was named by President George W. Bush to be associate counsel to the president.

Valerie Gates ’88 is trading marketing design for local food and Community Supported Agriculture shares. (The Boston Globe, 3/5/09)

“Talk to your Parents,” an advertisement for by Doug Liman ’88, called on young viewers to convince their parents not to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. (, 10/14/08)

Williams College will confer honorary degrees on health advocate Nawal Nour ’88 and Rector of Oxford’s Exeter College Frances Cairncross ’67 AM. (, 3/13/08)

Tom Perrelli ’88 was nominated to lead the Civil Division of the Justice Department. (CBS News, 1/5/09)

Karen Pinch ’88 gets promoted to the rank of captain in the RI State Police—and history is made. (Rhode Island Government Press Releases, 1/10/2012)

RI State Policewoman Karen Pinch ’88 is now lieutenant colonel, making history yet again. (Providence Journal, 10/28/13)

Today Show contributor Sloan Barnett ’89 wants to help you and your kids create a Healthier Life and a Cleaner Planet. (Huffington Post, 10/29/08)

Joseph Corriveau ’89 PhD was appointed director of research and technology for the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center.

Jennifer Niles ’89, founder of the E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, was profiled in the Washingtonian. (Washingtonian, October 2006)

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Lynn ’70 and W. Thomas ’69 Moulton struggle over how to support their son, Seth, who is serving in Iraq, while standing against the conflict. (Boston Magazine, 12/07)

Francisco Besosa ’71 was nominated to be a U.S. District Judge for the District of Puerto Rico. (U.S. House of Representatives Press Release, 5/16/06)

Executive Director of the National Center for Children and Families Sheryl Brissett-Chapman ’71 discussed issues faced by the DC Child and Family Service Agency on Raw Fisher Radio. ( Washington Post, audio, 24 min.)

Attorney Robert G. Flanders Jr. ’71 was nominated by Senator Lincoln Chafee to serve on the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. (Providence Journal, 3/17/06)

Rabbi Laura Geller ’71 made the Jewish Daily Herald’s “Forward 50” list of people who are making a difference in the way American Jews view the world and themselves. (The Jewish Daily Forward, February 2008)

Luther Luedtke ’71 PhD leads the Education Development Center, which aims to solve global economic, health, and education problems. (New York Times, 2/20/10)

Peter Whitehouse ’71 has created a school in which Alzheimer’s patients can stay active by working with young students. (NPR, 6/12/08)

Brown Alumni Association President George Billings ’72 says he plans to continue the work of Joseph Fernandez ’85 by building connections between students and alumni. (Brown Daily Herald, 3/3/11)

Former FBI agent and assistant U.S. attorney Carmen Espinosa ’73 AM is the first Hispanic member of Connecticut’s Appellate Court. (The Boston Globe, 3/2/11)

Leonard A. Schlesinger ’73* was named the 12th president of Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. (Boston Globe, 11/17/07)

Arthur Horwich ’73, ’75 MD won this year's Lasker Medical Research Award. (New York Times, 9/12/2011)

O. Rogeriee Thompson ’73* is now the first African American and second female judge on the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals. Senators Reed and Whitehouse recommended Thompson to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. (The Providence Journal, 3/18/10; The Providence Journal, 4/14/09)

Steven Rattner ’74 described directing the auto industry bailout for the Obama Administration. (, 10/21/09)

Michael Spearman ’74 has been appointed to the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division I. (Seattle Times, 3/25/10)

Tom Tamm ’74 was on the cover of Newsweek for exposing illegal wiretapping of U.S. citizens. (Newsweek, 12/13/08)

The Guggenheim Foundation has awarded a fellowship to Professor of Sociology Roger Waldinger ’74.

The Guggenheim Foundation has awarded a fellowship to Professor of Mathematics Douglas Arnold ’75.

Lincoln Chafee ’75 was sworn in as RI's first independent governor.  Chafee won a tight 3-way race to become Rhode Island’s first independent governor. Former senator Chafee ran for governor of Rhode Island. (Bloomberg, 1/4/11; Boston Globe, 11/3/10; New York Times, 1/4/10)

Internet pioneer David Lipman ’75 of the National Institutes of Health is improving the accessibility of online medical and scientific information for researchers and the general public. (Washington Post, 2/9/09)

Brookings Institution fellow Bruce Riedel ’75* spoke at Brown about foreign policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. (, 12/1/09)

Arthur Warga ’75 has led the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business from ordinary to extraordinary while battling brain cancer. (Houston Chronicle, 3/20/08)

Marilyn Deldonno ’76 was honored by Amgen, a biotechnology company, for excellence in science teaching. (Cambridge School of Weston)

World-renowned seismologist Lucy Jones ’76 is an epicenter of calm as she helps us prepare for the next “big one.” (Smithsonian Magazine, February 2012)

Former LucasArts CEO Randy Komisar ’76 presented an essay for NPR’s “This I Believe.” (Audio: 4:40 min.) (, 10/26/08)

BET Networks chairman and CEO Debra Lee ’76 is among the new members of President Obama's management advisory board. (The Hollywood Reporter, 3/10/11)

Physician and Gulf War veteran Steve Meister ’76 was in the race for the House of Representatives in Maine’s First Congressional District. (Kennebec Journal, 5/15/08)

Eduardo Montealegre ’76 was a candidate in the controversial race for mayor in Managua, Nicaragua. He also ran a tight race against former Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega for the presidency of Nicaragua. (The New York Times, 11/19/08; Brown Daily Herald, 10/11/06)

Ecology professor Nalini Nadkarni ’76 talked to NPR's Morning Edition about the use of NASA satellites to study forest ecology. (NPR, 11/12/08)

Gail O’Day ’76 will be the new dean of Wake Forest University’s divinity school. (Associated Baptist Press, 4/29/2010)

Political scientist Tony Affigne ’76, ’92 PhD spoke about what the Hispanicization of the country might mean for Latino voters. (The Providence Phoenix, 11/20/13)

Raymond Broadhead ’77 ScM will be the next head of the Webb School. (, 11/7/09)

Howard Frumkin ’77, director of the National Center for Environmental Health’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry at the Centers for Disease Control, planned an overhaul of government action on climate crises. (One Earth, 9/1/07)

William Owen ’77 has been named president of the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. (University Business, 3/30/07)

David Schmittlein ’77* is the dean of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, the first since 1966 to be recruited from outside MIT. (The Boston Globe, 8/28/07)

President Obama nominated Robert N. Scola, Jr. ’77 for a United States District Court appointment. (Channel 6 News Online, 5/05/2011)

Seth Berkley ’78, ’81 MD, president and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, announced the organization’s expanded research and advocacy efforts in South Africa. (Medical News Today, 11/22/06)

Among the several alumni who participated in panels at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting were: Stanford University’s Debra Dunn ’78 (video); Richard Holbrooke ’62 (video) of the State Department; Timberland CEO Jeffrey Swartz ’82 (video); and public radio host Krista Tippett ’83 (video). (Clinton Global Initiative, 2010)

Preservation architect Gunny Harboe ’78 was named one of six “Chicagoans of the Year 2010” by Chicago magazine. (video) (, Jan., 2011) 

Thomas Hassan ’78 is the 14th principal of the 228-year-old Phillips Exeter Academy. ( , 10/25/08)

Artificial intelligence researcher Peter Norvig ’78 recently spoke with Salman Khan (Khan Academy) and others about how his 30,000-student online “Intro to AI” Stanford course may help reinvent the use of technology in education. [video].

Elizabeth Roberts ’78* won re-election as lieutenant governor of RI. As part of Women’s History Month, RI Lt. Gov. Roberts spoke to students about getting involved in politics and her potential run for governor. Roberts* became RI’s first female lieutenant governor, and was profiled in the Brown Daily Herald. (, 11/3/10, Brown Daily Herald, 3/4/09; Providence Journal, 5/23/06; Brown Daily Herald; 2/7/06)

Esther Sanchez ’78 was appointed to the powerful commission that controls development along California’s 1,100-mile shoreline. (North County Times, 8/21/09)

Erroll Southers ’78 has been nominated to head the Transportation Security Administration. (, 9/10/09)

William Wood ’78 was named outstanding community leader by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas. (Austin Business Journal, 2/22/07)

Liz Birnbaum ’79, former head of the Minerals Management Service, says the agency needs to overhaul how it regulates offshore drilling. (New York Times Green Blog, 8/25/10)

Brown research engineer Christopher Bull ’79, ’86 ScM, ’06 PhD and his students are "greening" Providence’s former Jewelry District. (Providence Phoenix, 3/9/11)

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Students and faculty held a celebration for Beatrice Coleman ’25, possibly Brown’s oldest living graduate, who turned 107 in April. (Brown Daily Herald, 4/21/11)

Martha Sharp ’26 was posthumously inducted into the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial’s “Righteous Among the Nations” for helping to save the lives of Jews during World War II. (Boston Globe, 6/13/06)

WWII veteran Frederick Irving ’43, whose plane was shot down in Nazi-occupied Hungary, is not afraid of death. (, 2/18/2012)

Commentator and prison activist Chuck Colson ’53 discussed prized possessions, politicians, and faith with The New York Times. (New York Times, 3/29/10)

Dr. Matthew Scharff ’54 received the inaugural Albert Einstein College of Medicine Marshall S. Horwitz, M.D. Faculty Prize for Research Excellence. (AECOM Press Release, 11/29/06)

As president of San Francisco State University, Robert Corrigan ’57 has promoted citizenship among students, built an $18 million endowment and partnered with community businesses. (, 10/18/08)

William Rhodes ’57 received the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. (President of the Republic of Poland, 12/10/08)

Augustus White ’57 was honored for his 50-year career as a surgeon and teacher with the dedication of a new community center in his name. (, May 2010)

Since 1992, Professor Martha Sharp Joukowsky ’58 has directed excavations at the Great Temple in Petra, Jordan. (Wall Street Journal, 4/11/09)

Paul Choquette ’60* received a prestigious humanitarian award in honor of his support of the nation’s top lung, allergy, and immune diseases hospital. (Providence Journal, 5/14/06)

Cincinnati Pops Director Erich Kunzel ’60 AM has passed away at 74. (New York Times, 9/1/09)

Ted Turner ’60, whose buffalo-ranch holdings are considered to be the world’s largest, was inducted into the National Buffalo Hall of Fame. (, 7/25/07)

Richard Holbrooke ’62, a former U.N. ambassador, a Brown professor-at-large, and President Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, died after surgery. Called one of America's "fiercest champions" by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a variety of sources released statements on his death, including President Simmons, the BBC, the BDH, and various world leaders. President Obama named former UN ambassador Holbrooke special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2009. In a Washington Post op-ed, Holbrooke also examined Russia’s reaction to likely phased independence for Kosovo. (NPR, 12/14/10 (audio); Brown Media Relations, 12/13/10; BBC, 12/14/10; The Brown Daily Herald, 12/13/10; BBC, 12/14/10; New York Times, 2/7/09; Washington Post, 3/13/07)

In a NYT editorial, Stephen Robert ’62 calls for a reset of conventional wisdom on Israel. (New York Times, 4/24/12)

Lewis Feldstein ’63 was named to the 2008 NonProfit Times “Power and Influence Top 50” as one of the most influential executives in the nonprofit sector. (Philanthropy News Digest, 8/6/08)

John Brandenberger ’64 ScM, ’69 PhD, Professor of Physics at Lawrence University, was honored with its inaugural  "Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activity Award” citing him for “imagination and energy” in his classroom and lab. (Post-Crescent, 6/12/06)

The Guggenheim Foundation has awarded a fellowship to Daniel Rodgers ’64.

In Youngstown Ohio, Reid Schmutz ’64 and his wife are making the wonderful life that Jimmy Stewart movies could only imagine.(, 4/23/12)

Haiganush R. Bedrosian ’65 is the first woman to serve as chief judge of Rhode Island’s Family Court. (Warwick Beacon, 12/21/10)

Rhode Island Senator Mike Lenihan ’65, ’68 MAT and Governor Don Carcieri ’65*, once teammates on Brown’s football squad, are now at opposite ends of a high-profile tug of war between the Democratic RI Senate and the Republican governor. (Providence Journal, 5/13/07)

Robert A. Seiple ’65 is president of the Council for America’s First Freedom. (PRNewswire, 1/19/06)

W. Terence Walsh ’65 received the American Bar Association’s John Minor Wisdom award for his commitment to public service through pro bono litigation. (dBusinessNews, 4/6/07)

Howard University professor Winston Anderson ’66 PhD will use his $1 million HHMI research grant to improve undergraduate education and mentoring programs at the university. (Jamaica Gleaner, 6/17/07)

Dr. Carl C. Wamser ’66 was named “Best Carbon Crusader” in Willamette Week’s “Best of Portland 2008” issue. (Willamette Week Online, 7/23/08)

Kent Logan ’66 is taking a new approach to philanthropy. (New York Times, 2/18/07)

Williams College conferred honorary degrees on health advocate Nawal Nour ’88 and Rector of Oxford’s Exeter College Frances Cairncross ’67 AM. (, 3/13/08)

Ron Gidwitz ’67 sought the Republican Party nomination for the Illinois gubernatorial race. (Chicago Tribune, 3/5/06)

John M. Robinson ’67 was sworn in as director of the State Department’s Office of Civil Rights and as its chief diversity officer. (, 3/4/08)

Assuming Senate confirmation, Pembroke economics concentrator Janet Yellen ’67 will be the next Fed chair. (Blog Daily Herald, 9/18/13; New York Times, 10/9/2013)

Robert F. McMahon ’68* was appointed superintendent of the Providence Parks Department by Mayor David Cicilline ’83. (Providence Journal, 5/14/08)

Peter Allgeier ’69, visiting deputy US trade representative, met with Chinese officials to help move the stalled Doha global trade negotiations forward.
(Xinhua News Agency, 3/15/07)

In a New York Times Sunday Magazine essay, Lisa K. Friedman ’69 recounts the experience of committing her elderly father to a psychiatric facility. (New York Times Sunday Magazine, 8/6/09)

Ira Magaziner ’69, his son Jon Magaziner ’07, and Nathan Wyeth ’08 are committed to bringing the Clinton Climate Initiative to colleges and universities. (Brown Daily Herald, 11/28/07)

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