Celebrate alumni community and diversity

Connecting through shared experiences

Brown students and alumni come in every conceivable variety. Several BAA-affiliated programs and groups focus especially on celebrating the diversity of the alumni community.

Multicultural Alumni Committee (MAC)

MAC is an alumni voice for diversity.  A standing committee of the Brown Alumni Association (BAA) Board of Governors, MAC strives to be:

  • A conduit for connecting diverse alumni with the BAA  and its programs
  • A touchstone for reconnecting with Brown in a multicultural context
  • The primary channel for engaging alumni of color (AOC) and transgender, bisexual, gay, and lesbian alumni (TBGALA) on diversity issues and activities
  • A community convener for Brown’s diverse alumni affinity groups
  • A resource to alumni and the University for celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion

See a listing of Affinity Group Leaders.

MAC-Sponsored Affinity Groups

In 2000, the Brown Alumni Association and its Multicultural Alumni Committee began to explore a new form of involvement with alumni of color: Councils in which alumni of similar ethnic/cultural backgrounds could celebrate their community’s connections and also address shared concerns. Three vibrant multicultural affinity groups have emerged from this process of exploration:

  • Asian/Asian American Alumni Alliance (A4)
    A4 facilitates engagement with Brown and addresses the needs of the Asian and Asian American community.
    [ Website | Facebook group | Get news ]

  • Brown University Latino Alumni Council (BULAC)
    BULAC serves to maximize the Brown experience for Latinos, to represent Latino alumni, and to support Brown.
    [ Website | Facebook group | Get news]

  • Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC)
    The IPC addresses the needs of Black alumni and promotes interaction with current Black students, faculty and staff.
    [ Website | Facebook group | Get news ]

  • Brown University Transgender, Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alumni (Brown TBGALA)
    Brown TBGALA works to support and connect members with each other, faculty, administrators, and current students.
    [ Website | Facebook group | Get news ]

  • Native American Brown Alumni
    [ Email ]

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Other Diversity Resources

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