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’40s Class Leaders Roster

(As of 7/1/13) Please note: Contact information for any class leader can be found in the online alumni directory. (login required)

Class of 1940 Pembroke

Elizabeth Hunt Schumann, Vice President

Class of 1941

William Sheffield, President
Mildred Field, Vice President
Bernice Gourse, Vice President
Clifton S. Gustafson, Vice President
Celeste Griffin, Vice President of Fianance

Class of 1942

Bernard Bell, President
Hinda Pritsker Semonoff, Secretary

Class of 1943

Marion Jagolinzer Goldsmith, President
Bob Traill, Vice President

Class of 1944 Brown

Preston A. Atwood, President
David E. Oppenheimer, Vice President
Charles H. Collins, Secretary

Class of 1944 Pembroke

Grace Costagliola Perry, President
Isabella Howard Alexander, Co-Vice President
Hope Richards Brothers, Secretary
Lillian Carneglia Affleck, Reunion Co-Chair
Doris Fain Hirsch, Reunion Co-Chair

Class of 1945 Brown

Daniel Fairchild, President
James Starkweather, Vice President

Class of 1945 Pembroke

Anne Rossman Krause, President
Jean Tanner Edwards, Vice President and Treasurer

Class of 1946

Richard Tracy, President
Edward Clarke, Vice President
Earl Roberts, Treasurer
Shirley Sugarman Wolpert, Secretary
Harold Demopulos
Joseph Penner
Nan Tracy

Class of 1947

Natalie Brush Lewis, President
Irene Margolis Backalenick, Secretary

Class of 1948 Brown

Bob Huckins, President
John Nowell, Secretary
Leonard Lewis, Treasurer

Class of 1948 Pembroke

Barbara Oberhard Epstein, Co-President
Gloria Markoff Winston, Co-President
Elizabeth Montali McKenzie, Treasurer
Jeannette Jones Pollard, Secretary

Class of 1949 Brown

Mars J. Bishop, President
Alan S. Flink, Vice President
Gerrit Sanford, Secretary
Robert A. Kotlen, Treasurer
Robert T. Galkin, Reunion Co-Chair

Class of 1949 Pembroke

Glenna Mazel Fortier, President
Anne Day Archibald, Vice President
Muriel Broadbent Jones, Treasurer
Marilyn Silverman Ehrenhaus, Secretary
Dolores Pastore DiPrete
Lois Jagolinzer Fain
Marjorie Logan Hiles
Jean Miller
Sally deVeer Whipple