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Be a Successful Single Parent
with Brilliant Capable Children

The current passion of Wayne Lemley ’80 is a world away from Brown, and his former business life which had its roots at Brown. A single father by choice, Wayne partially homeschools his children. “Kids are more capable than we think,” he says.

Young children can learn to read! Kids games. Early sports. Can a two year old learn to bike? Here is a collection of articles by Wayne Lemley, a comprehensive guide on raising brilliant and capable children. The book has many real stories of father, son, and daughter learning math, reading, biking, skiing, and playing games from the early, important years.

During some winter evenings when Elizabeth had just turned two I would bring her little 12 inch bike up to the kitchen. She had been riding it with training wheels for about a year. We had had many fun times riding on our driveway and the town’s trail by the river. But now it was time for her to try with no training wheels. We put her knee pads, elbow pads and helmet on. Andrew, four years old, demonstrated riding the little bike with no training wheels on the long open space in the kitchen. Elizabeth then climbed on. We got one foot set on the high pedal. “Okay, pedal, pedal, pedal!”, I ran along behind her holding the seat, then let go. She pedaled on her own about three feet before crashing. Immediately I ran up, rubbed her back, and gave her a little spoon of delicious yogurt. “Who’s a good biker!”, I said, continuing to rub her back.

We did this three or four evenings each week during winter. Three feet became four, then eight feet riding with no help. Spring then came and she tried riding on our big open driveway with no training wheels. Eight feet became twelve feet, then around the cone and around the driveway! That summer the three of us had many fun rides on the trail by the river and to playgrounds, with no training wheels.

Last summer we tried unpaved trails and single track. Awesome fun. The summer ended with our family riding to the quarry near the top of Emerald mountain, 1000 feet above our town. The kids loved the expansive view of our whole valley. They were so proud to have made it there on their own bikes. What incredible fun to ride trails I used to love riding by myself, now with my four and six year olds!

The pictures in this book are presented without caption and are views of our life.